Paravoice is a professional services company. We offer a variety of services, which we tailor to each customer's needs:

Whether it's an executive overview on VoiceXML or how to best tune a particular speech engine, you can depend on Paravoice. With over a decade of experience in a variety of IVR, ASR, and CTI relatedtechnologies, we can provide you with expert advice and consultation. We can help you define objectives, explore options, and plan strategically.

Systems Engineering
At Paravoice, we build complete systems. Once we fully understand your needs, we'll see your project through from concept to deployment. We can write your functional specification, provide hardware and software, code your application and integrate your system from top to bottom.

Hardware Provisioning
One of the unique services we offer is hardware provisioning. Whether you're interested in a general-purpose, industrial grade or NEBS-compliant platform, Paravoice can deliver. We offer a large selection of hardware and software products from leading companies including Alliance Systems, Dell Computer Corporation, Dialogic, ICS Advent and others.

At Paravoice we place a high priority on your success, and we continually strive to exceed your expectations. You'll find this commitment from the initial emphasis we place on understanding your needs to the exceptional level of ongoing support you can count on after delivery.

If your project is mission critical, you're in good hands with Paravoice. Most of the systems we've built have been mission critical. We know what it takes to support this level of operation, both from the planning and service standpoints.

Even if your system isn't mission critical, you can count on us to treat it as if it were. Paravoice will provide you with the support and service you expect and deserve.