Alliance Systems, Inc.
Alliance Systems, Inc. is a global leader in communications solutions for telephony, data, e-business and wireless infrastructures for the Internet. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets products and systems ranging from carrier-class communications servers and Internet appliance servers to telecommunication software for wired, wireless and Internet communications. With over 700,000 ports installed in more than 60 countries, Alliance Systems runs more open communications applications than any other company.

Dell Computer Corporation
Dell Computer Corporation is the world's leading direct computer systems company and a premier supplier of technology for Internet infrastructures. The company ranks No. 1 in the United States, where it is a leading supplier of PCs to business customers, government agencies, educational institutions and consumers. Paravoice is a member of Dell's Industry Solutions Provider Group.

Dialogic , an Intel Company, provides the critical building blocks and technical services that enable its customers to develop solutions serving the converging Internet and telecommunications markets. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, speech recognition and synthesis; call center management; and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony applications - in both customer premise equipment (CPE) and public network environments.

ICS Advent
ICS Advent is a leading provider of mission-critical applied computing solutions. Founded in 1985, ICS Advent (formerly Industrial Computer Source) manufactures and stocks PC platform solutions supporting Intel processors and compatible operating systems. The company specializes in rack-mount computers, chassis and enclosures, single-board computers, and custom and ruggedized computers and chassis.

Interactive Telesis
Interactive Telesis is a premier hosting facility and service provider for Interactive Voice Response, automated speech recognition, and coputer telephony related applications and services. Their telephony solutions enable companies to deploy CTI technology without purchasing the underlying organizational infrastructure. Interactive Telesis offers a range of IVR and ASR solutions including speech recognition, third party verification, real estate hotline and lead generation services, automated surveys and call center solutions. Paravoice is a subsidiary of Interactive Telesis.

LumenVox, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a speech recognition company with over a decade of telephony experience. LumenVox uses a business and technology approach that allows entry-level businesses as well as corporations, resellers and service providers access to the traditionally complex speech recognition industry.

Nuance Communications
Nuance develops, markets and supports natural voice interface software that enables the content and services of the Internet and telephone networks to be accessible from any telephone. Nuance was established as an independent company by SRI International, one of the leading voice technology research entities throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

ScanSoft is the world's premier supplier of speech and imaging solutions that help facilitate information exchange within and between the world’s leading companies and their customers.Today, half the Fortune 100 use ScanSoft's speech solutions.